Delivered 6500+ projects
worldwide across 22+ industries

Financial Services

We are enabling the financial ecosystem with sustained digital capabilities - from different formats of Banking to Fintech, Wealth Management and others

eCommerce & Retail

We are responding fast to the demanding user trends in the eCommerce & Retail sector with our agile digital transformation services.

Education & Learning

We partner with educators and institutes to improve student's learning experience and build cohesive platforms for cultivating enduring experiences.


Achieving digital breakthroughs and establishing emerging models for operational excellence, growth, and organizational restructuring.


Fueling innovation in the Healthcare sector, we have enabled a paradigm shift across patient-care solutions, compliances, pharmatech, and more.


Our intelligent automation services in the Insurance sector have introduced new operational models and driven exceptional customer experience.

IT & Consulting

Leading this space, we bring to the table a strong foundation of people, processes, and technology to empower clients in this sector.


From modernization to digitalization, we have leapfrogged the manufacturing industry by shifting them from their traditional operations.

Media & Entertainment

We build digital platforms for the media and entertainment industry to thrive through personalization, user experiences, and key user insights

News & Publication

We are powering the News and Publication sector with go-to-market strategies and solutions with speed and agility to match theirs.

Tech Startups

With super belief in startups being the economic backbone, we lay strong emphasis on nurturing and developing this sector through mutual collaboration.


Our partnership with Telcos invigorates acceleration to drive purpose-driven digital agendas and build sustained capabilities for competitive growth.